January 14, 2012


I will share with you the type of acne. In addition, I will explain to you the differences between acne and sinus so that you are more sensitive to the actual acne problem that may hit you, your family or your friends. As you know, acne is categorized as a chronic disease that affects nearly 80% of individuals in our country.

So let us know the type of acne that can be suffered by the people with acne:

1. Acne vulgaris (Common Acne)
Whiteheads – but there was not infected because the skin pores clogged with sebum and dead skin and cause the port on the camera and should be treated aggressively.

Whitehead, SK-II, elizaberth arden,

Closed Comedo (Whitehead)

Blackheads – not infected, but in contrast to Whitehead in manabahagian the open and black blackheads caused by air oxidation. Can not be removed using facial scrub that will damage the skin.

Papules – inflammation that occurs in the pores and the surrounding area due to early bacterial infection.
Pustules – the inflammation caused by ongoing infection and remove the pus resulting from these infections.

Blackhead,  Jerawat degil, Masalah jerawat,

Open Comedo (Blackhead)

2. Acne vulgaris (Acne Serious)
Nodules – acne bumps larger than normal acne and often painful if held and not lost in a short time. Will often cause scarring on the face or recurrent form of acne nodules or acne miles.

Cyst (cyst) – arising from the merger of adjacent nodules and made a large cyst. It can not be dipicit at all and need further treatment from a doctor for steroid injections to prevent leaving scars.

3. Acne rosacea (Chronic Acne)
Rosacea is often regarded as one type of acne, but it is not and how to treat it is not the same as treating acne. It does not have blackheads and red bumps just a pussy. The probability of this disease are women aged 25 years and above only.

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4. Pyodermafaciale folliculitis
A type of skin disease that is often mistaken for acne, but it is a skin disease caused by bacterial infection of the skin. Treatment is also not the same as the treatment of acne. Most people also often assume that the disease is caused by sinusitis acne. Once again, I say that it is not true. What distinguishes the acne with sinusitis are:


  • Chronic skin disease.
  • Grow when skin pores or clogged pores and trap dirt.
  • Occur in the skin.
  • Can grow due to hormonal imbalance, environmental, and stress.
  • Not infectious to touch and be present for hereditary.


  • Inflammation that occurs in the lining of the nasal cavity
  • Caused by allergies (dust, food, parasites) or climate change
  • The effect can cause runny nose, and irritation on the skin and eyes
  • If severe, patients should undergo sinus surgery to remove the obstacle of air in the nasal cavity, which also can cause headaches and intense eyes.
  • Can not be transmitted by contact and can be passed down from generation to generation.
  • Can suffer with asthma and eczema, other skin disease.
Picture taken from the E-book Secrets Exposed Acne shows the type of acne Whitehead

I hope with this explanation you are able to understand what exactly is the problem of acne and thus differentiate it from sinus disease
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